True Simple XP 2009-08-15 at High Speed

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PostSubyek: True Simple XP 2009-08-15 at High Speed   Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:20 am

This isn't "yet another modified version of windows xp", it includes all basic drivers (that means you won't need to install the cd's that shipped with the cd anymore), some freeware(almost allsoftware included) for the usual user and to avoid compatibility issues / dependencies needed for common uses, and lastly - I admit - some settings the way that I like. And it all fits on a regular 703 MB CD.. (in fact it totals to 697 MB)

The setup is fully unattended, which means at no point, by no means, will you be asked to introduce a cd-key / serial number or fill-in anything. the key is included and it is also a corporate key, which means you can install this on many computers at the same time, even on the same network (LAN), without ever needing a validation crack (beware that in the future this key will be black-listed though and you won't want to enable automatic updates unless you are sure you won't install any genuine validation tools)

Info for beginners: use nero or some other software (such as BurnAware free) to burn the ISO to CD (be careful to choose option "burn ISO image" and don't just put the file on a Data CD), then enter BIOS by pressing F2 or DEL while the computer starts up, and set the CD-ROM as first device somewhere in a boot priority setting, then just save, and press any key while the computer starts from the CD. Still, I don't recommend installing windows as a total beginner since you may not fully understand what partition to install windows to and you may end-up losing all your music or other files on the PC)

I named it True Simple XP, this version is 2009-08-15 (the day I built it).
More detailed info below or on the disc (html autorun / nlite logs).Contact@ brunetu

Unattended Windows Install CD

Based on
Windows XP Professional
with Service Pack 3
Volume Licence (MSDN)

* ChipSet 9.0
* CPU 8.0
* Graphics A 9.0
* Graphics B 9.0
* LAN 8.1
* MassStorage 9.0
* Sound A 8.0
* Sound B 8.0
(removed ATI & nVidia CPL applets, and Matrox G450 PowerDesk, still all drivers install fine)

Removed Luna
Added PitchBlack, MediaCenter
Default is Classic (Win2K look)

System Options
Automatic Updates
Security Center
MSN Explorer
MSN Messenger
Movie Maker
CDPlayer & Sound Recorder
Images & Backgrounds
Speech Support
Zip Folders

Beep Driver
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Error Reporting
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
Network DDE
Simple TCP/IP Services

Classic Control Panel
No "Shortcut to..." prefix
No beep on errors
Restore previous folders at logon
Toggle Extensions / Hidden Files
No low disk space warning
No searching for broken shortcut target
No Web Open With prompt
No thumbnail cache
No driver update Internet prompt
No most recent documents
Scroll programs (start menu)
No WMP shell extension

1000 TCP/IP simultaneous connections
Unsigned themes support enabled
Windows File Protection disabled

Name Description Build Date Size
AbiWord 2.7 Word Processor 2009-08-03 7.86MB
AC3Filter 1.62b Codec to play movies with sound encoded for surround
2009-07-19 2.51MB
Advanced Renamer 2.57 Good batch file rename utility 2008-10-22 921KB
BurnAware Free 2.3 Complete, simple to use disc-burning suite 2009-04-06 8.52MB
CCleaner 2.22 Thorough yet easy to use & lightweight system maintenance
2009-07-28 949KB
Converber 1.8 Measurement unit converter 2008-10-18 306KB
Defraggler 1.12 Defragmenter 2009-07-26 813KB
Dexpot 1.4.2 Virtual Desktop Manager 2009-05-22 1.98MB
DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes 0.7 DirectX 9c - March 2009 - needed to play games and media
2009-03-08 7.60MB
doPDF 5.3 Virtual Printer (Save as PDF from any app) 2007-11-05 1.32MB
Driver Backup CPL 0.79b Driver Backup Utility (Control Panel) 2006-10-07 98KB
Easy Duplicate File Finder 2.2 Easy Duplicate File Finder 2008-12-26 729KB
E.U. Expansion Font Update 1.1 European Union Expansion Font Update
2007-05-04 1.38MB
Firefox 3.5 Firefox - the most standard-compliant and feature-loaded browser
2009-08-03 7.66MB
Foobar 0.9.6 Foobar - audio player supporting many formats
2009-06-07 2.91MB
Foxit Reader 3 Small and fast PDF viewer 2009-06-19 3.14MB
Free Download Manager 3.0 Batch downloader supporting resuming & more
2009-02-03 2.16MB
GPU-Z 0.3.4 Info on the graphics board used 2009-04-29 449KB
GSpot 2.70a Info about a movie file and the codec used 2007-02-23 376KB
HFS 2.2f HTTP File Server (many features but very easy to use to share files)
2009-02-26 573KB
Internet Explorer 8.0 Internet Explorer - the latest version is the most standards-compliant
2009-03-21 16.07MB
IP Configuration Manager v2.7 GUI replacing netstat & ipconfig command-line utilities
2008-02-01 747KB
IrfanView 4.25 Powerful image viewer & editor supporting many formats
2009-06-16 1.31MB
Kels' CPL Lite v1.7 ClearType, MemTest, TweakUI, User Accounts 2, AutoPlay Repair
2008-11-09 406KB
Kel's Lite Pack 4.6 Notepad2, Unlocker & other very handy shell extensions
2009-05-02 1.57MB
Kel's Runtimes Pack 5.6 Kelsenellenelvian's Runtimes - needed to run various apps
2009-07-26 12.06MB
NetProfiles 1.2 Saves/Restores different network configurations
2006-11-26 691KB
PC Wizard 1.871 Provides detailed system info - hardware & software
2008-12-01 2.82MB
Process Priority Saver 1.98 Remembers the priority set on processes with task manager
2008-02-03 220KB
Regedit CPL v1.0 Regedit Control Panel shortcut 2005-11-11 59KB
SysInternals Pack 3.6 Autoruns, Process Explorer (in "My Computer" right-click menu)
2009-01-05 3.99MB
ThumbView Lite 1.0 Support for more image formats in explorer thumbnails view
2007-04-05 379KB
UltraExplorer 2.0
File manager (explorer replacement) 2009-07-28 3.03MB
Unknown Device Identifier 6.0 Unknown Device Identifier 2008-03-03 806KB
uTorrent 1.8.2 Comprehensive, feature-rich BitTorrent client 2009-03-22 291KB
Vista Drive Icon 1.4 Partition icons display the amount of free space in a fill-bar
2008-04-13 102KB
VLC 1.0 Media Player supporting many formats and features 2009-07-29 17.1MB
WinRAR 3.8 Powerful & fast compression tool 2008-09-30 1.13MB
XviD 1.2.2 Free MPEG4, DivX-compatible video codec 2009-06-08 597KB

(Services that have been removed are not listed)
Name Status
Application Layer Gateway Service Default
Application Management Default
Automatic Updates Disabled
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Manual
ClipBook Manual
COM+ Event System Default
COM+ System Application Default
Computer Browser Default
Cryptographic Services Default
DHCP Client Default
Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) Default
DNS Client Default
Event Log Default
Extensible Authentication Protocol Service Default
Fast User Switching Compatibility Manual
Health Key and Certificate Management Service Manual
HTTP SSL Disabled
Human Interface Device Access Default
Indexing Service Disabled
Logical Disk Manager Manual
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Default
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Disabled
Net Logon Disabled
NetBios over Tcpip Default
Network Access Protection Agent Default
Network Connections Default
Network DDE Default
Network DDE DSDM Default
Network Location Awareness (NLA) Default
Network Provisioning Service Disabled
NT LM Security Support Provider Default
Performance Logs and Alerts Disabled
Plug and Play Default
Portable Media Serial Number Service Disabled
Print Spooler Default
Protected Storage Disabled
QoS RSVP Disabled
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Disabled
Remote Access Connection Manager Default
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager Disabled
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Default
Remote Registry Disabled
Removable Storage Disabled
Routing and Remote Access Default
Secondary Logon Default
Security Accounts Manager Default
Server Default
Shell Hardware Detection Default
Smart Card Disabled
SSDP Discovery Service Default
System Event Notification Default
System Restore Service Disabled
Task Scheduler Default
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Default
Telephony Default
Terminal Services Disabled
Themes Manual
Uninterruptible Power Supply Disabled
Universal Plug and Play Device Host Disabled
Volume Shadow Copy Disabled
WebClient Disabled
Windows Audio Default
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Default
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Default
Windows Installer Default
Windows Management Instrumentation Default
Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions Default
Windows Time Disabled
Wired AutoConfig Default
Wireless Configuration Default
WMI Performance Adapter Disabled
Workstation Default

Boot and Shutdown
Show Administrator on the Welcome Screen
Internet Explorer icon-Show
My Computer icon-Show
My Documents icon-Show
Recycle Bin icon-Show
Advanced Search: preconfigure options
Associate additional file types with Notepad
Change Windows Explorer folder view-Icons
Classic Control Panel
Disable Accessibility keyboard shortcuts
Disable Beep on errors
Disable Prefix: Shortcut to
Disable Web Files and Folders connection
Display the contents of system folders
Preset Places Bar to-Desktop, My Computer, Network Places, Documents and Pictures
Recycle Bin: allow to rename and delete
Restore previous folder windows at logon
Show Drive Letters in front of Drive Names
Show extensions of known file-types
Show protected operating system files
Show Statusbar in all windows
Show the full path in the Address Bar
Internet Explorer
Enable Google URL-Search
Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time
Set popup-blocker to high
My Computer
Add Control Panel
Add Device Manager to Context Menu
Add Folder Options
Add Network Connections
Add Recycle Bin
Add Registry Editor to Context Menu
Add Services to Context Menu
Add Software to Context Menu
Disable administrative shares
Disable automatic search for network folders and printers
Disable LM HOSTS lookup
Disable Last accessed Timestamp on files
Disable Optimize harddisk when idle
Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links
Disable Warn on low disk space
Disable WBEM logging
Do not cache thumbnails
Minimal Power Management
Disable Driver Update Internet prompt
Remove Alexa
Disable Web Open With prompt
Start Menu
Add Administrative Tools menu
Control Panel-Display as a menu
Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu
Do not use Personalized Menus
My Computer-Display as a link
My Documents-Display as a link
My Music-Don't display this item
My Network Places-Display as a link
My Pictures-Don't display this item
Network Connections-Link to Network Connections folder
Printers and Faxes-Display as a menu
Reduce popup delay
Remove Pinned Apps List from Start Panel
Remove Search the Internet from Search
Remove Set Program Access and Defaults
Remove Windows Catalog shortcut
Remove Windows Update shortcut
Scroll Programs
Use small icons in Start Panel
Visual Effects
Combo box animation-Enable
Cursor shadow-Disable
Display mouse pointer trails-Disable
Fade out selection-Disable
Keyboard shortcut underline-Enable
Menu animation-Disable
Menu shadows-Disable
Menu style-Flat
Show translucent selection rectangle-Enable
Show window contents while dragging-Disable
Slide taskbar buttons-Disable
Smooth edges of screen fonts-Clear Type
Smooth-scroll list boxes-Enable
Tooltip animation-Disable
Use a background image for each folder type-Disable
Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop-Enable
Windows Media Player
Accept Privacy Statement
Disable auto-add music to library
Disable automatic codec download
Disable metadata retrieval
Disable starting with Media Guide
Optimize fullscreen mode behavior
Remove all context menu entries
Zoom video to window size

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True Simple XP 2009-08-15 at High Speed

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